Everyday blessings!

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I have been living in my apartment now for 4 months, everyday as I walked into my building I would see that the resident list had not been updated. It bothered me mostly in the beginning, when I was receiving many deliveries from UPS, Fed Ex, etc.

It became a habit for me to look, as it was not an added effort given I had to unlock the door right next to it. Until one day out of the blue (4 months later), I check to see if it was updated, honestly not expecting it to be, and there it was, my last name, finally! I guess it is like they say, better late than never!

Then on top of that, I found a parking right outside my front door, this is the third time in a row! BTW, it is street parking where I live, so many times it can be difficult finding a spot, especially close to my building.

Feeling blessed, even for the little things in life. Never forgetting to always give thanks, there is always something to be thankful of. Just look closely and you will see it.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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