The 12 Laws Of Self-Realization By Shahram Shiva


It all starts here. The moment you question who you are, what is your purpose and why you are here at this time, your long process of self-realization begins. It typically starts when you see yourself as a singular expression, instead of being part of a hive or cluster of people or group mind. Those aspirations for singularity may initially reveal themselves in numerous ways such as personalized appearance, unconventional thoughts, talent, creative outbursts and questioning authority and conformity. Such expressions hint at your soul’s yearning for liberation and freedom. Although your initial quest for individuality may be a cultural programming and trend, but if you continue the search the process will become more refined.


The process of self-discovery will be rocky and very challenging, however, with high determination you’ll gradually chip away at it. If self-realization was easy more would seek it, but almost all the planet is focused on other things such as survival, coupling and reproduction, one-upping each other and killing time. Only a nano percent of the world’s population is actively on the self-realization track. The process in its quickest form may take a few lifetimes. Self-discovery will be painful at first as you may discover things about yourself that are unpleasant or creepy but gradually you’ll learn to accept yourself for who you are and commit to your path of constant growth without prejudice.


Self-awareness is the single most important element in this process, as it is the ingredient that runs consistently and concurrently alongside all other steps. It could be called the pulse, the lubricant, the energy wave; regardless without self-awareness, you have nothing. Self-awareness taps into the psyche, the intuition, and instinct. Your intuition is your most valuable, most powerful tool and weapon on this long journey. However, since intuition is powered by experience, your awareness becomes more acute the longer you stay on this path.


This is a toughie. You’re constantly bombarded with images of impossible realities, fake lifestyles and made up physical appearances. Added to that are constant control methods, negative thought waves and intentional disinformation projected in every aspect of your life. You’re made to feel that you aren’t good enough, bad enough, righteous enough, self-scarifying enough, hot enough, cool enough, flexible enough, thin enough, smart enough, high enough or hip enough and on and on. Many spend tens of thousands of dollars on surgery, special makeup and digital tricks to project a sense of temporary reality on social media or on TV, film and music world. In the beginning of your journey it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t accept yourself but with the right mindset and commitment, you’ll gradually get there.


Why is self-empowerment so important? You’re alone spark on an infinite trek of self-discovery, self-knowledge, and self-expression. Without self-empowerment you’re just a pawn, a useless drone being controlled physically, emotionally and spirituality by other forces. Without self-empowerment, you’re simply a feed for others. You’re just lunch.


At the halfway point of your self-transformation process is self-worth. Self-worth pops up here because it takes a lot of work to make it happen. The phrase “good guys finish last” is spot on. Although some might argue that it means they’re comfortable with themselves so they don’t wish to compete, but it’s really about self-worth. Most “good” or “obedient” people don’t feel deserving of success. They follow their childhood programming of being a follower with the hope of some reward in the afterlife or as the saying goes for the meek to take over the post-apocalyptic Earth. This is the definition of toxic thinking and control tactics. If you don’t feel you deserve it all, you can’t be on the self-realization path. Because it’s about the greatest gift you can ever bestow on yourself.


No matter how many people are in your family, spirit cluster, friends’ circle or social media followers, one fact is a constant, you are a singularly unique spark following your own intuition in a maze billions of light years across. Learn to rely more and more on yourself. Use your intuition. Try to feel out your spirit and your body. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Sense what people or energies around you help you to grow, to express and to expand and which limit you or hold you back. Learn to be selective about energies and people that you come across. Let go of superstition in all its forms. You don’t need deities, gods and statues. You are the most valuable entity in the universe.

The process of self-realization is the process of self-reliance and self-healing.


40% of the US population is obese (CDC). Most others are hooked on a variety of prescription medications. Our medical system is clearly a failure. It is making people worse and by design more dependent on its pharmaceuticals. Almost all prescription drugs carry warnings for serious side effects. Many medications actually cause other ills. A true seeker of self-realization doesn’t blindly follow recommendations or guidelines of others. The journey itself is the real growth process. It’s not possible to reach point 12, without going through the other 11 steps. At this step, other laws such as self-worth, self-reliance, self-awareness, and self-empowerment kick in at a high rate. You must learn to care for your body, your mind, and your spirit in a way that is fine-tuned uniquely for you. This doesn’t mean you try to meditate an infection away or ignore your childhood traumas, it means to be totally mindful of your process.


Whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with yourself for eternity, so the sooner you get to like and respect yourself the better. However, the universe operates in increments of millions of years, so only a few feel the rush and urgency for total self-awareness. This article is not meant to be a guide for humanity, because as explained earlier almost all are not concerned with this topic. Therefore if you have reached this point in my article and are fuming that I am asking you to respect yourself and your body. Let it go. This article will resonate with the right person at the right time. If it doesn’t speak to you directly, simply move on.


This law is an impossibility for most people. Many can’t stand spending time alone or be by themselves; hence they seek constant distraction and keep piling on such diversions and go out of their way to bring about companionships no matter how negative. However, this article is not meant to be a judgment call, nor a morality test or an attempt at placing guilt or shame. My mentor Rumi’s key teachings are ditching shame and guilt and moving way beyond what the society dictates as conventional terms for good and bad, right or wrong and left and right. Loving yourself grabs the 10th spot because it’s an impossible task without having gone through the other 9 steps.

Self-Guided Destiny

This is not some celebrity’s journey, nor your lover’s, nor a guru’s, nor a yoga teacher’s path. This is certainly not some religion, deity or a God’s track that you may be following with blindfold on. The process of self-realization is 100% uniquely yours; hence all the steps involve SELF-reflection. Yes, you ARE the guide, the torch, the sherpa, the lord and messiah, the steps, the road, and all the twists and turns on this journey. It is all uniquely yours and this code can only be cracked by you and not by some manipulating guru or a god. It’s all about you; that’s why it’s self-guided-destiny.


It will take a mind that is thirsty for growth, a spirit that never settles, a psyche that constantly questions everything and discipline to reach this point. It will take a spark that wants to celebrate its uniqueness through lifetimes of trial and error and rock-solid dedication to reach this level. Here true liberation becomes possible and you understand the message of mystics who claimed that this planet is a simulation, an illusion or Maya and your only goal in life should be to seek to terminate your endless cycle of life and death on Earth. That cycle can certainly be broken but only by a brave few out of billions with full determination.

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