Does time really heal all wounds?


Does time heal all wounds? Is a question that has been asked a million times.

I think it is a mixed and complex answer. While you can look back on the experience and remember the pain you felt, remember where you were, how it felt, what the issue was, at times even what you were wearing, etc. in time your heart doesn’t feel the pain as acutely as it once did, but you still remember it and sometimes the memory alone can bring back those feelings of when you first experienced it. It’s intensity and your response to it might diminish, yet the wound is still there, it just might not hurt as much to “touch” it.

As in the book “The body keeps the score”, says our “bodies” remember the pain, the trauma, even if we don’t realize it, it is set in our beings.

So it brings me back to “Does time heal all wounds”? I don’t think it necessarily does, or perhaps it has more to do with the initial gravity of it in the first place… Hmmm???

I believe our Souls, always know, always remember, and hold all of our experiences, even when our brain has chosen to put them in a compartment far away from memory or hidden them.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 



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