How a shift in perspective… makes all the difference


I used to feel left out, unloved, unwanted, discarded. Now, I see it differently, I chose to  focus on how blessed I am. I get freedom, not everyone has it. 

For example, my Sister took on the the hardest job in our family, our Mother, she takes care of her and they live together, her needs are constant, between surgeries, doctors appointments, serving her, and on top of that she gets to hear her negative thoughts and words about her husband, which puts my sister in the worst place ever, between two people she loves. The stress it has to cause her, must be immense. 

I now chose to see my not being involved or invited from the perspective that I am FREE to live my life as I desire, without the overbearing, critical, never satisfied mother we have. I get to be free from  demoralizing negative energy.

I might be “alone” but rarely lonely, I have peace and feel tranquility (most of the time). Now, if someone or something feels like it is threatening those feelings, I find a way to confront it and keep it from entering my life. This is still not easy to do, I just think to myself, that it is better to lose that person than to lose myself.

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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