The ONE Thing You Must Stop Doing To Unlock Your Limitless Potential By Courtney Stoneberger

We are in a constant state of change, despite how stagnant we may feel at the moment. Just as leaves begin to lose their color, and snow blankets the ground during the winter season, we can clearly decipher the white covering on the ground. We know what truly lies beneath is dormant grass quietly waiting to unveil itself come Spring. Metaphorically, we are the green grass.

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Focus On the Space Between the Becoming and Being

As humans, we have a tendency to hurriedly stamp a label on something before observing what the exact “thing” is becoming, or blossoming into. This action creates a boundary for the outcome, considering each of us are born with potential beyond the walls we allowed our own minds to create for us. We love to give ideas, feelings, thoughts, a name, the non-concrete for lack of a better term. We want anything and everything to have a name. Labeling pretends to give us a sense of security or credibility. This is not how we should be with each other, or with ourselves.

Imagine you are in a bookstore, surrounded by thousands of stories both old and new, and you gravitate towards a book that captures your eye. The cover has a nice texture, aesthetic appeal, and you may see words written across the cover that spark such a deep interest, you cannot wait to see what is inside. The words were written across the pages of the book you are holding in your hands is not all you hoped it would be. You return the text back to its place. You move on. We mirror this action in our daily lives despite if we found the book we hoped for or not. When a love interest is ignited, a common action is to name the companionship in the early stages, creating a subconscious awareness that will likely cause both parties to feel compelled to live up to imaginary expectations. This individual may find himself or herself making decisions based on “what couples are supposed to do”.

This entails shaking your head yes when you as a spirit feels led elsewhere. This way of thinking only inhibits you as a whole being. Keep in mind we are constantly in a state of change, forever growing. This is the space you must focus on: the now; while remaining truthful to your entire being. Allow everything to unfold and manifest in its own time.

Be Mindful of Your Declarations

Each time we speak, we exude energy. Each word uttered from our lips has a vibrational force that may lower or heighten our current state of being.

When you speak, what are you saying? No, not aloud…how is your inner dialogue? Keep in mind that your current state of thought towards yourself is not who are as a whole. How you are feeling as of right now is only a PORTION of your entirety. Sometimes we may allow a diagnosis of ourselves or an event to take over who we are. Anyone who openly or internally declares, “I am depressed”, for example, will only be depressed until he or she shifts the mindset into the realization that this is only a temporary state. Being labeled by your illness, i.e cancer, diabetes, alcoholism, anxiety, will only implicate that you are your illness as long as you are carrying this thought pattern with you.

You can shift your mindset by practicing positive thoughts, declaring affirmations of love, joy, etc. considering us as spirits were birthed from Love. Change your thoughts, change your life. Not only focus on how you are speaking to yourself but how are you towards others? When we label a person by his or her attributes, we are carrying the belief that his or her behavior is a reflection of this person’s essence. Stereotypes and labels of a person will subconsciously affect an individual on a level of having to live up to those expectations. The “Big Guy” may want to lose weight and cultivate healthy habits, and the “Party Goer” probably wants to settle down and swap his alcohol for sparkling water instead. You understand my drift?

Final Thoughts

Allow your limitless potential to become unlocked as you explore who you are as an entirety. Relax, meditate, and focus on the sacred space between your thoughts. This is the space in which you are unfolding.

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