Another excerpt from the book “Repetition” Chapter 1

This is the third time I read this amazing book, but the first time the following “spoke” to me, so I chose to share it with you!

If you think of your soul as choosing to come to a school that specialized in the specific discipline on which you need to work, many things begin to fall into place. For example, if you wanted to learn physics, you wouldn’t enroll in a famous art school. You would choose the best setting for this lesson, which might be esteemed universities such as Stanford or MIT. Likewise if a soul wants to learn the lesson of trust, it will be born into a family where the themes of betrayal and loos are played out again and again.

Depending on how we’ve passed our courses, our soul may choose to return to Earth and take an advanced lever course. Or, it might decide to take another subject altogether and return at some later point to repeat the course that is has “failed”. By using this metaphor of going to school and studying one semester at a time, the concept of the past lives not only makes sense but can be extremely helpful in order to understand life in the present. Accessing former lives is only to clarify the present and bring healing and a release of the past that may be holding us back now.

Essentially, we do past life regressions so that we can review the origins of our repetitions.

I guess I chose to learn trust. To both trust others and to be trustworthy! 

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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