Could he have saved my life


For some reason I started to reflect on a faithful night in 1989 when my then boyfriend killed an innocent man, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or was he? Regardless, he was not his intended target, which was ME! Luckily, I had left the scene earlier, because a guy I knew socially had insisted on giving me a ride to my car. That act alone gifted me with time to pick up my car and leave by the time my abuser showed up. He was enraged and being high on cocaine, I am sure didn’t help the situation either. The fact that I had gotten a ride from any guy triggered his rage, putting into motion the events to follow and the life lost.

Unfortunately, he unleashed his anger at an innocent person who was the security guard on duty, who was trying to do his job of keeping peace, so not to cause any disturbance to the hotel guest, it was in the wee hours of the night when most people would be sleeping if not at least resting.

Back to the guy who gave me the ride that night, I wish I could use his name, sadly I cannot remember, I think it was Carlos. Soon after this incident that changed people’s lives, he was in a deadly car accident, he was the driver with three passengers. He lost control of the BMW 8 series, he was driving causing the vehicle to swerve and crash, killing all four occupants instantly. (I mention the car, because it was a high performance vehicle)

One night months after his death, I was dancing at a night club where I would run into him frequently, I looked over to the side, and had to take a double take because I could have sworn, I saw him standing there, watching me. I will never forget this because it impacted me then and now, the feeling was so strong, that almost 31 years later, I am writing about it.

I will always remember him even if his name alludes me, and will always be thankful. It is “coincidences, luck” that solidify my belief that everything happens for a reason.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

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