People like you more when you’re vulnerable


Great news, most people see your vulnerability as “alluring”

Deep down we’re all a little flawed, and we’re all a little scared. We’ve been taught this isn’t a good look, so we pretend to keep it together in the company of other people. But, hey, you can stop that now: A study found that exposing your flaws and being vulnerable will make other people like you more.

So confess your love, make that apology, admit your mistakes, and ask for help

People will eat that sh*t up. It’s a psychological concept the researchers are calling “the beautiful mess effect,” and it boils down to this: People like seeing other people’s messes. Exposing yourself emotionally will make you seem good, strong, sympathetic, and brave.

There is a catch, though

It works best if, in general, the people you’re opening up to already like you and know you’re usually strong and capable. Otherwise you might damage your credibility or come across as needy, which is what we’re scared of in the first place.

Still, when it comes to friends, significant others, or colleagues, you’re probably safe. So go ‘head and emotionally prostrate yourself. Happy Saturday!

(The Atlantic)

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