Chief Transformation Officer


At work one fateful day, our CTO (Chief Transformation Officer) a woman with a PhD, non the less, informed me that I would be attending a two hour ongoing weekly meeting, I would be taking notes/minutes to be posted on our business portal for everyone to read and see. I was not only hesitant but horrified, petrified and resistant to say the least.

In high school, I scored below average for comprehensive reading. Which means, I wasn’t really understanding what I was reading.

It surprises me now, how many red flags there were. My family at the time was in turmoil and I went under radar, I could have been diagnosed with the ADD then, my life would most likely be very different today. I was finally diagnosed with at age 49, only because of this new responsibility at work, that pushed me to want answers.

The first couple of meetings I attended, I was blocked mentally and struggled through the first hour meeting, later writing the notes was stressful to say the least,  I felt like I was confirming how inept I am. I knew I couldn’t hide it anymore, this was a challenge that would bring light  to my predicament, I could not hide anymore, it became obvious that something needed to be addressed.

I took the first step, I called a doctor and started the ball rolling, there is not ignoring it anymore, or believing I could get away with hiding it.


♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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