Yelp review

IMG_0445“Good Bar” review

I wrote a Yelp review about a restaurant/bar I went to for the first time. Shortly after I left, I realized I had forgotten my umbrella, I tried calling the restaurant to check if it was found. No one answered, I called over and over again, with no answer, so I included that fact in my review.

When I finally got a hold of someone at the restaurant, I was told they did have my umbrella and that they knew who I was because of my yelp review. In the background I could hear a guy yelling “Is that the woman who wrote the yelp review?” “Let me talk to her”, the lady on the phone thankfully did not pass him the phone, but from the tone of it, he had something nasty to say to me.

The anxiety this caused in me was crazy, for hours after the call I was still dealing with the affect of it. The thought of going to retrieve my property gives me more anxiety, but then I pray to let it go, tell myself to take back my power, and go get my umbrella.

I felt shamed and bullied by them, I will go back to get my umbrella, but will never go back or recommend it.

I am entitled to my opinion!

♓️Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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