Why Being an Introvert in the Office Can Actually Be a Blessing by NAOMI JOSEPH

Being an introvert in the workplace is not without its challenges — we are often mistaken for being shy or aloof, we find office small talk tiring, and we have to convince our colleagues that yes, we really are perfectly content sitting alone at lunchtime.

As a result, introverts work hard to establish boundaries and set up coping mechanisms so they can thrive in work environments. It’s not that being an introvert is isolating, it’s that our current working culture — particularly in a world of open-plan offices — doesn’t always recognize the needs or indeed the strengths of the introverted worker.

But attitudes are changing for the better, and employers are beginning to embrace the positive contributions that introverts can bring to the workplace dynamic. If you identify as an introvert, then the time has come for you to celebrate your value (discreetly, of course). Keep reading for all the reasons your introversion should be considered a benefit in the workplace.

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