The Healing Properties Of Larimar By Matt Caron

Larimar is one of those stones that captivates you right away. Its unique bluish-green colors remind you of the ocean or sky, which is a perfect match for the place of its origin, the beautiful Dominican Republic.

A rare form of Pectolite, Larimar is only found in the Caribbean, where it grows into crystals and needle-like structures formed in cavernous holes in basaltic lava. Many minerals give it its beautiful hues, including copper, which is surprisingly responsible for turning it blue. The brighter the blue, the more rare and valuable the stone.

Larimar was highly prized in ancient times as a stone of great value and power. It was thought of as having magical properties by the Dominican natives. But it wasn’t until 1916 that large veins of Larimar were discovered by westerners, and in 1974 it was made an official mineral. Interestingly, Larimar was named after the daughter of one of the men who discovered it on a Dominican beach — Larissa combined with the Spanish word for the sea, Mar.

Healing properties

Larimar is a special stone because it helps get the wearer into deeper meditative states by harmonizing internal energies. It helps to dissolve barriers between the spirit-realm and ego, revealing new pathways in life. Here are a few benefits you may not have heard of:

Physical – Larimar is used quite a bit by certain reflexologists in order to clear blockages and discover disease and illness in the body. It can also be used for pain management when applied directly to the affected area. Great for the feet and joints.

Emotional – When it comes to shame and guilt, this is a great stone to bring into your life. It emanates soothing energy, which is great for all kinds of emotional trauma. But because it’s a great stone for the throat chakra, Larimar helps to communicate important things like boundaries, especially when it comes to relationships. But more importantly, it helps to communicate those needs in a respectful and accepting way. Most importantly, Larimar’s soothing energy helps to build self-love and self-nurturing. Perfect crystal for healers of all types.

Spiritual – Larimar has long been considered one of the love stones, similar to Rose Quartz or Ruby. By connecting to its soothing energy, the vibration of the heart is naturally strengthened and becomes easier to manifest. Larimar is also a gem of the Throat Chakra and is great for the practice of laying-on-of-stones. Placing the stone over the throat for an extended period helps to express deeper wisdom hidden within. It also helps to amplify communication with the spirit realms.

How do you use Larimar?

All gemstones, regardless of type, are best used in contact with the skin. Bracelets, bangles, and necklaces do a wonderful job of this, as does the raw stone itself. Using the raw stone is great for meditation when placed in the non-dominant hand (usually the left) to absorb its energy. It’s especially effective if you visualize that energy healing you. It can also be used on the feet with reflexology.

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