Your Sex Kink, Based on Your Zodiac Sign By Kiki O’Keeffe

Your Sex Kink, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


When it comes to bedroom proclivities, everyone has a little kink in them. Whether you’re flying your freak flag sky high or keeping it folded neatly in a corner of your sock drawer, we’ve broken down your “sextracurricular” activities by sign.

Aries: Athletic sexual positions
Aries tend to express their passions physically, and they prefer sex that leaves them panting, flushed and ready for round two.

Taurus: Erotic massages
As the sign of creature comforts and tactile stimulation, it’s a given that the bulls love receiving (and giving!) long, erotic massages.

Gemini: Verbal sparring
You know that scene in rom-coms when the snarky quips between two obviously very-attracted-to-each-other individuals finally give way to lustful making out? Yeah, that’s a Geminian wet dream.

Cancer: Eating in bed
Food is a major aphrodisiac to Cancers, who like to nurture and feel nurtured by their partners. A chocolate-covered strawberry or a plate of oysters is always welcome as a pre-coitus snack.

Leo: Make-up sex
Leos are very good at drama, and although they tend to be lovers, not fighters, they know that the hottest sex can come on the heels of the most vicious squabbles.

Virgo: Picking a random page from the Kama Sutra
Virgos may be neat freaks by day, but they are often unafraid to explore every inch of their partner’s body in bed. There’s a time and a place for everything, and nothing starts that exploration up like a suggestion from the big book of sex.

Libra: Multiple partners
The sign of partnership loves (nay, needs) to feel like the most popular person in the room. And in the bedroom, multiple partners ready to satisfy their every whim is exactly their cup of tea.

Scorpio: Tying up their partners
Scorpios may be shy, but they are very turned on by power. So having their partners bound and completely at their mercy is more than a little appealing.

Sagittarius: Being tied up
Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, and what better way to explore that freedom than by temporarily relinquishing it and consenting to be tied up by a trusted partner?

Capricorn: Spanking
Capricorns are naturally adept at passing out punishments and rewards. Those talents extend to the bedroom, where they enjoy issuing a spanking when their partners deserve it, so to speak.

Aquarius: Vanilla sex
Aquarians love their reputation for being open-minded and experimental almost as much as they also like plain old sweet vanilla sex. They know that what’s old is new again.

Pisces: Role-play
No one can give a performance like a Pisces, and if you’re lucky enough to be in bed with one, their acting might temporarily convince you that they really are your English nanny. The confusion will be hot.

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