Delivered from Distraction


This is the newest book I was drawn to.

I loved it! Five star*****

It is about peoples different ways of expressing ADD behavior, especially for those of us who were difficult to diagnose, because so many of the characteristics people don’t know  are signs of the disorder. These same signs can easily be explained away or thought of as quirks, defiance, age, low IQ, and more.

How NOT treating ADD with appropriate medication and therapy leads to the stress and low self-esteem of chronic failure which also causes damage to the brain, causing many side effects like depression, anxiety,  among others.

Doctors have found that it is very likely that ADD and ADHD is genetic, usually if you find one person in your family has it, it is most likely another sibling or parent also does.

The keys to success for an adult with ADD is to marry the right person, and find the right job. The keys to success for a child with ADD is to have the right parents and find the right teachers. Well, I have failed in all of them so far. There is nothing I can do about my childhood those years are long gone and so are my past relationships including marriages, none of which I wish had succeeded.

I still have a chance to find and marry the right person and find the right job as well. I am so looking forward to both and so much more, now that my future is looking so promising, with the help of the right doctor, medication, therapy and guidance.

With all of this help and knowledge, I am now going to make sure I hold others and myself accountable for the actions, that I find to be hurtful or make me feel anything other than good about myself.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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