“I always want to be where I’m not”!


This book really emphasizes the issues a person with ADD has, one is with sleep among other things. So many of the behaviors and tendencies I have, are characteristics of having ADD, when all along I thought they were part of my personality, I mean they are part of my personality but because I have ADD.

The burst of energy right before bed time, i.e. 10-11 p.m. then the tendency to avoid going to sleep, even when tired or exhausted, once in bed  the tossing, turning and constant thoughts and mind chatter begin. The difficulty to wake up and get out of bed.

These are more examples of characteristics of having ADD, many I have been complaining to doctors about for years. None of which, diagnosed me with ADD, instead they prescribed anti-depressants, sleeping aids, such as melatonin to Ambien, not once did anyone suggest or hinted that perhaps it was something else, it is easier to label things with conditions they were comfortable with then to look into it deeper.

From what I am gathering by reading multiple books on the subject, is that most doctors, either don’t have much knowledge about ADD/ADHD or don’t believe in it at all. This is part of the problem.

I am here to say “YES” it is real. In fact, just today I lost both a set of keys and a receipt, with no recollection of where I could have possibly left them. This alone is telltale sign of the disorder. The not remembering, the absent mindedness, the aloofness and so many more I finding out. I had no idea.

It feels both good and bad, to realize the so many of the traits I have are part of this issue and not something I can control or change without guidance, medication and knowledge.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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