As if the shame wasn’t enough

As if the shame wasn’t enough


As if the shame I have experienced/accumulated over 50 years of being overlooked and the failure to be diagnosed correctly wasn’t enough, the refuting and invalidation of my diagnosis by peers, friends and family is incensing and insolent.

Believe me that having a neurological disorder is nothing to be proud of, so when I share it, the last thing I need or want is to be shamed by being discredited, and dismissing it and me.

This response only makes me feel more isolated, alone, enhancing the shame I already experience. The introvert in me, wants to hide and pretend your judgement is correct, but it is NOT! It only shows the narcissists you are to think you can diagnose me or anyone else.

This is a serious diagnosis, it is finally an answer to so many challenges I have faced, alone!  How would you feel, if you found out you have a disorder, which if diagnosed earlier could have made a huge difference in so many ways, but because you weren’t diagnosed earlier it has caused challenges which created many obstacles, in my personal and professional life, all of which could have been avoided or aided if it had been addressed and treated properly.

Since I have basically navigated this disorder alone, not knowing what was happening or why things weren’t happening and the inability of being able to explain it. With the correct tools and knowledge to aid me, I will continue to seek help from those people who are qualified, while doing my best to address the behaviors and symptoms I exhibit, and now realize are all part of the disorder. I am hopeful and look forward to a better tomorrow!

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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