One year work anniversary

1 year anniversary

On July 23rd, it will be one year since I started working at Neighborcare Health in Seattle, WA.

It has been a place of learning and experinecing people like I never have before. I am thankful, that because of this job, I was forced to find answers about myself, which made me question my inability to concentrate amongst other things. Turns out I have ADHD. I truly had no idea, even though I would joke about having it, because I would find myself in situations that cause me shame, I tried to diminish my shortcomings by saying “I have ADD”, not knowing I was speaking my truth all along.

At the same time I feel I want out! Mostly because I am bored most of the time. I am bored because I have ADHD, BUT also I run out of things to do. I find myself making up things to do to fill my time. This doesn’t help me with my feelings of inadequacy.

Don’t get me wrong, because I do have ADHD, I don’t like to be challenged, this makes me feel even dumber causing me more shame and pain. On the other hand I don’t like having anything to do, while also not having the power of independence and freedom.

I am currently exploring other opportunities with different companies. I know that whatever is meant for me, will be. I pray to continue being guided to my greater self, wherever that leads.

I trust in the universe and my guides.

♓Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!


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