The DISorganized mind by Nancy A. Ratey


From this book, I learned about the impairment in academic performance when you have ADHD.

The fact that there is nothing harder for a person with ADHD to be successful in school. For me, I  was just wanted to get work over with, going through life as quickly as possible.

School administered test for reading comprehension, I always scored lower than “average”, I also had some delays in academic abilities, that no one really knew about, since I didn’t point them out. I was too ashamed.

I’ve also struggled with high levels of inattention and impulsive behavior, which have had adverse consequences in many areas of my life.

Fidgety, on the go and restless. Constantly moving, shifting my position, wiggling, antsy are only some of the other characteristics/symptoms I have. I also have a habit/ to have a folded piece of paper a “post it” to massage/soothe me by rubbing between my nail bed and nails, this feels calming to me.

I am in awe, as I research and find more information about a genetic disorder that until recently was doubted by many, misunderstood and under diagnosed, especially in girls. It was thought to only affect boys.

Some insights are hard to swallow, I feel saddened for the little girl I was and the woman I am. I wish I had had the tools, medications and knowledge much earlier so that I could have avoided some pitfalls. I guess as they say “Better later than never!”

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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