9 Ways To Balance And Heal Your Sacral Chakra By Stacey Herrera

Nine Steps to Physical Health and Enhanced Creativity

A healthy, balanced sacral chakra invites feelings of ease, pleasure, creativity, and flow. It allows you to enjoy life, people, and circumstances without becoming dependent or overly attached. When your sacral chakra is balanced, you can create and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships. You will feel open and friendly. Tolerant and patient. Compassionate and kind. You can feel your emotions without being overwhelmed. And you can experience true intimacy with yourself and others.

A balanced sacral chakra also allows you to enjoy physical health in your kidneys, bladder, lower back, and other organs. And as an added perk, when the sacral chakra is balanced, you not only have more sex, but you WANT to!

Your creativity surges when your sacral chakra is balanced and functioning at optimal levels. You will experience greater artistic expression and physical endurance. While there are a variety of ways to balance and heal your sacral chakra, here are nine of my favorites.

1. Meditation

Meditation is like prednisone for the spirit. It has the power to reduce inflammation of all kind, physical, energetic, and spiritual. Meditation is great for balancing and healing the sacral chakra and all the other chakras too.

2. Crystals

Orange citrine, carnelian, amber, moonstone, and tiger’s eye—all resonate with the sacral chakra. These crystals may also benefit other chakras as well.

3. Foods

One of the best things about the foods associated with the sacral chakra is that they are all delicious and pretty erotic! These include orange, fleshy fruits like oranges, papaya, peaches, and mangos and vegetables such as pumpkins and other winter squashes, carrots, and sweet potatoes. These foods are very fragrant and taste delicious!

4. Water

Water is the element of the sacral chakra. Be near it. Take walks near a lake, pond, or the ocean. Sit near fountains. Be in it. Take baths and showers. Go swimming. Dip your feet in. Perform mindful handwashing. And do not forget to drink plenty of it.

5. Movement

One of my favorite ways to move is through dance, because dance is about movement and flow (which is great for the sacral chakra), and it is also a really fun way to exercise! It does not have to be hard or complicated. It can be as little as two songs a day. And it doesn’t matter if you can dance or not, just allow your body to move any way it feels called. Think fluid and sway. There are also several yoga poses that are great for the sacral chakra, particularly hip openers.

6. Massages

The act of allowing someone else to assist you in moving energy through your body is powerful. Physical connection generates the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which is wonderful for your mood and your overall outlook.

7. Wear It

Color therapy can be very healing. Wear orange to lift your spirits and shift your mood. Another great perk that comes with wearing orange is it will lighten the mood of the people around you, too!

8. Smell It

Orange and citrus scents are great mood lifters. And since the sacral chakra is all about the feels, orange and citrus scents are perfect! There are also other essential oils and flower essences that are great for the sacral chakra.

9. Self-Love

The last and most important way to heal and balance your sacral chakra is to take care of you. That means taking the time to love all up on yourself! Be mindful. Moisturize. Touch yourself. Massage your hands and feet daily, which is a double-duty activity, because there are so many acupressure points on the hands and feet.  Tell yourself that you love you every single day, because loving yourself allows you to share your love with others.

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