Before my first ARNP visit

This is what I wrote before my first visit, it is clear, I was looking forward to working with a professional and full of hope.

download (1)

Little did I know, what I would actually experience.

My doctor has referred me to see a Psychiatrist to get help finding the right dosage of medication to help and aid in my management of my ADHD.

I finally found someone who would not only take my insurance but also a new patient. I could not however find a “Psychiatrist” but did find a Psych nurse, who can help my doctor prescribe the right medication and dosage. It could be that I need a variety of medications. I don’t know, all I know is that I am in forward motion, dealing with diagnosis.

I am still having difficulty falling and staying asleep, among other challenges. I look forward to the relief and alleviation of my symptoms through medication and other suggestions.

One of the many symptoms I have is getting and being bored. I cannot put into words how incredibly difficult and frustrating it is to be bored, at least the way I experience it.

ADHD is an invisible to the outer world in many ways, they can see and experience the behaviors, but they have no idea what it really feels like, how symptoms can be overwhelming most days, and makes us even more introverted, looking for ways to be distant from others, so that they don’t “figure out” that there is something wrong with us. We try to hide, because the shame we experience is overwhelming.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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