ADHD experiences and effects


Our wondering minds can become wonderful tools, if we can control them.

Many of us with ADHD blame our behaviors on anxiety, depression and traumatic events or lack of character, understanding that these are symptoms of a Central nervous system disorder can have a powerful impact on these faulty assumptions. This knowledge can radically change our self perceptions, so we can blend in humanity. We can learn not only to survive but to excel!

It is difficult to diagnose ADHD because the symptoms are behavioral not physical. Most people aren’t diagnosed by a physician, but by themselves, realizing through other peoples stories who have ADHD, reading something that could have been written by yourself, or realizing your child who has been diagnosed is a chip off the block.

We are different, and we have learned and figured out how to do things others take for granted.

At the same time, we feel more than the “average” person which makes it even more traumatic for us, when we feel hurt or shamed, it is intense.

We can’t remember short term or what you just said, but can remember something that happened years ago, by remembering it because of the feeling associated with it. At least this is true for me. I remember things, comments, activities, relationships, experiences if I relate them to a positive or negative feeling I experienced because or during it. Most of which have been painful and sadden me. The other person or people who were involved in that experience might not have any recollection of it, because to them it was meaningless or unimportant. They don’t realize that when they snap at me, because of a deficit, behavior or reaction, it hits me hard, even if I don’t show it. Some can be crushing, which makes me isolate and look for unhealthy ways to numb the pain and feelings of inadequacy.

It is really complex to understand, even as I try to explain using my words. I am just happy I have finally found an MD who listened to me, and took action. Not sure how I would have survived otherwise.

ADHD, blessing and curse.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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