Second visit to the same clinic, different provider

Second visit to same clinic, different provider.

I this nagging feeling that I should cancel this appointment, this was the very last thing I wanted to do after my last experience. In the end I kept my appointment and met with the ARNP. Only for her to tell me immediately that there is nothing she can or will do, until I have a more comprehensive tests done to identify what kind of ADHD and other possible issues I might or might not have and how they have affected my life.

I was flabbergasted! I could feel myself wanting to explode, instead I controlled my feelings and asked why her colleague had not told me this or the person who scheduled me. Her response was simple and only made me feel angrier.

What I came away with after meeting the first provider was a $450 bill and not much else. So disappointing and devastating in so many ways, its challenging my Me.


On my way home I ran into rush hour traffic, it took me more than an hour to get home, which aggravated me more, I wanted to cry and feel sorry for myself. I mean what more can I do?

I wondered why this was happening. I have been trying to find a provider for a year, calling many times, many places, etc. to get the help I need and am open and willing to receive.

How can they not hear my calls for help??? Why am I falling through the cracks again? Not being taken seriously, not heard, not seen. It is a terrible way to feel.

I was torn between making another effort and giving up. If you know me at all, I am definitely going to try again, as giving up is not my M.O. when I want something.

The very next day, I called Kaiser AGAIN, and calmly and briefly explained what I was experiencing and requested an appointment with a provider at Kaiser. Thank god, I got the right person, who heard me, sympathized with me and got me scheduled for their first available video consultation appointment. At this point I don’t care how the provider shows up, just that she does.

I’ve never experienced a video consultation before, so keep an eye open for my blog about that experience after Sept 10th. Until then, I am still hopeful.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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