10 Foods That May Cause Cancer By Amelia Grant

Everyone knows about the risk of getting sick if you eat fast food often. However, some so-called healthy food may turn out to be true carcinogens. Fortunately, they can be easily replaced with actually healthy food. Here is a list of foods and drinks that may cause cancer.

1. Soda water

Carbonated drinks are filled with sugar which gives energy to cancer cells. They also often contain caramel dye, which includes the carcinogenic element 4-MEI. Laboratory tests show that 4-MEI is contained in caramel soda water. -There is an alternative: plain water is the best. If you can not live without sugary drinks, at least try to choose a natural option or one with no dyes.

2. Grilled red meat

Although the crispy crust on a steak is very tasty, high temperatures during cooking create carcinogenic carbohydrates. In general, excessive consumption of red meat increases the risk of various diseases.

There is an alternative: try not to be addicted to red meat and cook it thoroughly. If possible, purchase meat from farmers.

3. Popcorn

Three dangers lurk here:

  • the often used flavors that emit the well-known toxin diacetyl during cooking
  • the acid that covers the walls of the packages is carcinogenic in itself
  • popcorn manufacturers are not required to report whether the corn is genetically modified or not

There is an alternative: buy organic corn and cook it in your oven.

4. Canned food, especially tomatoes

Canned food is dangerous because the surface of the cans is coated with bisphenol A. It has a negative effect on the brain and reproductive system because of the structural similarity with the female sex hormone estrogen. Bisphenol A causes a number of cancers (especially breast and cervical cancer). Canned tomatoes are especially dangerous because their acidity helps bisphenol to enter the food. Tomatoes themselves are a very useful but all the harm is in the package.

There is an alternative: eat fresh or frozen foods or tomatoes in glass jars.

5. Salmon from fish farms

Although salmon which is caught in the sea is one of the healthiest sources of protein, farmed salmon receive unnatural food from chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics. Such fish is fattier and its body contains more harmful substances.

There is an alternative: salmon which was caught in the sea

6. Artificial sweeteners

Most sweeteners are made with the help of a chemical process and there is not enough information regarding their safety. Some scientists believe that it can produce diketopiperazine. It is a toxin that can cause a brain tumor.

There is an alternative: if you can’t live without sweeteners, try to use natural honey-based stevia. Apple sauce can also add some sweetness.

7. Chemical-grown fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables themselves are extremely beneficial, but pesticides sprayed on them are harmful. Some of them were banned in Europe because they can cause serious illnesses but they are still widely used in the United States.

There is an alternative: buy organic vegetables and fruits. Wash them thoroughly before eating.

8. Meat products

A huge amount of salt and hazardous chemicals are used during meat products manufacturing. Nitrates and nitrites are especially dangerous. These supplementations give the products an appetizing look and guarantee a long shelf life.

There is an alternative: choose organic meat and products that do not contain preservatives.

9. Potato chips

Potato chips are harmful for a number of reasons:

  • they are fried in trans fats
  • they are always oversalted
  • they contain preservatives and artificial colors

There is an alternative: breadcrumbs, donuts, and apple or banana chips.

10. Dietary products

This is a real surprise for those who believe that they act wisely by acquiring the so-called diet products. Dietary foods are often overflowed with sugar and artificial sweeteners to replace the eliminated fat. They may also contain a variety of chemicals that make you addicted to such products.

There is an alternative: eat fresh instead of packaged diet products.

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