4 Things To Understand About Parallel Lives And Parallel Universes By Tina Heals

Do you know that each of us exist in multiple realities every microsecond of our lives? We all have parallel lives and some say there are 144 parallel selves that can incarnate at a given point!

“There is neither creation nor destruction, neither destiny nor free will, neither path nor achievement This is the final truth.” ― Ramana Maharshi,

What on earth does Ramana Maharshi mean by this statement? For the uninitiated neophyte, it would appear quite problematic. What do you mean no creation? What are we? What do we stare at in front of the world? What about the whole bar of chocolate I ate. I surely have free will. You know what this Yogi is trying to tell us? He is speaking of nothing existing outside of consciousness, a unitary consciousness and the universe is as conscious as we are. For we create this universe by observing it into being.

By how did we, complete with our dense minds and bodies, how did we appear?

Source code subdivides itself like a fractal

The supreme soul or the “be-ness” as HPB calls it breaks itself into other sub-souls as in these subdivisions that the source creates within itself are like fractals and have all aspects of that supreme soul, yet, because it is divided, its experiences get limited. But the higher self always feel the energy and experience of the sub-self. This creates a holographic resonance and a plethora of multiple life experiences. It can be illustrated as a tree that’s divided into 7 divisions, just like the 7 heavens.

We cannot really go beyond the oversoul experience in this discussion. Very few, if any at all except Avatars have penetrated those realms. But let us go down from the oversoul level, which is a much lower frequency that the absolute or source code and the realms below. How low, we can only guess!

Multiple realities and parallel worlds are experiences you have as broken up parts of the oversoul

My research leads me to 2,135 soul groups who are right now enacting this 3D drama. But there could be many. Now each of these soul groups further subdivides to create 144,000 oversouls, and each one makes 12 more souls. Then each soul furthers subdivides to 12 soul extensions. Science is now saying that daughter universes may bleed into each other and we can get information coming in from other universes. The Mandala Effect could be the aftermath of the clash of universes. You have felt parts of your oversoul living parallel lives. Maybe there is a strange attraction you have for someone and you cannot explain it in any other way. It might be you are together in another Universe. This is a huge possibility.

I have known someone who is in love with a man she barely saw one day. She is convinced that he is her twin flame. Now over fifteen years have passed since she met him and the love keeps going strong. They never talk. They don’t even know each other! Can you imagine?

The soul forgets everything

While you exist in your 3D body, it is impossible for most to have any knowledge of this oversoul and the parallel lives it lives. Science now says we live in a hologram and matter is illusory. This is the LILA or the game of the conscious entity, which is the source code. This soul’s forgetfulness is a necessary part of the game. Because without forgetting its glorious past, the soul cannot adjust and play out the human game.

Endless BS of the world and swimming through these turbulent samsaric seas, we tend to lose connection to our internal compass which is always in connection to the oversoul. This is samadhi. This inner silence is how you can connect to the oversoul. Osho was famous for his dance meditations which brought about the trance needed to connect to this oversoul, kinda like the whirling dervishes. Do not try this at home though. Try normal dancing or even awareness techniques.

The Tarot is one of the best ways to connect to the oversoul, especially if you have your Mercury in the 12th house.

Dreams are interdimensional experiences

Science has no clue as to the science of sleep. Yes you got that right. We still don’t know why we need to sleep. It does rejuvenate us and if you study about the sleep deprivation experiments, you will know how humans go mad without sleep. But what are dreams?

I have such vivid dreams and over the years experienced lucid dreaming profoundly. I can tell you that from experience, I consider it to be interdimensional travel and parallel lives. Dream journaling, past life regression and meditating on dream symbols can help you piece together parts of your parallel lives. I am working on it now. Does it interest you?

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