It all catches up…. the body keeps the score!


“When you keep your emotions repressed, that’s when the body starts to try to get your attention. Because you aren’t paying attention. Our childhood is stored in our bodies, and one day, the body will present its bill”

This frightens me. The anxiety I have felt for the 49 years I have been alive, could kill anyone. I pray God will spare me from consequences of it, I have already gotten a glimpse of the affect, and honestly it horrifies me.

Strepp throat twice in a month, eye infections, shingles, depression, anxiety, weight gain, gas, PTSD re-activated, nightmares, etc.

Best book you can read to give you a better notion of what really happens to your body, when you have trauma, pain, negative and hurtful experiences, that mark your soul for lifetimes, its called  “The body keeps the score”. Best thing you can read to help you think twice before you “Sweat the small stuff” and seriously take your healing and peace of mind into account.

♓Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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