3 Simple Tips For A Radiant Life By Dr. Nicole Gruel

Radiance is a natural outcome of a healthy and happy person. It’s compelling. It’s contagious. It’s core to the human experience.

Just like the warmth of the sun, we all recognize radiance in one another when we experience it. We want to turn towards it, bask in it, and delightfully roll around in it like little piglets in the mud. When we feel it, it’s like we’re smiling from the inside. The good news is, we’ve all had moments of radiance at some point in our lives. Think back to when you were a kid. We all shine as kids, without effort. We’re innately natural, innocent, carefree, and connected to joy, even in the harshest of situations and environments.

Understandably, in the big and complicated world of adults, it’s rare to encounter people who truly shine. The Earth can be a harsh place to live and life is intense. Yet because we’ve all known radiance at some point in our lives, the good news is that we all have the capacity to tap into it. As adults, just as when we were kids, it happens when we’re living in alignment with our essence.

Here are 3 quick tips to tune in to what really matters, and turn up the volume on our most radiant selves. It’s the fast track to a clear and uncomplicated life in the midst of a very noisy world.

Tip 1: housekeeping!

Just like cleaning our physical environment, our body-mind-spirit worlds need clearing too. Cleaning from our inner and outer lives the things that no longer serve, that we’ve outgrown, and that clutter our lives, is an essential practice for true health and happiness. This includes breathing though the FOMO and pruning unnecessary distractions that keep the mind scattered. It’s okay to let go. We have to create space for our thoughts, feelings, and inspiration to breathe.

Tip 2: choose to unapologetically live your radiance

Find those things that make you shine and do more of that. Figure out what genuinely makes you happy, feel in flow, feel peaceful, and bring out your glow. Know your gifts and apply them. They are the doorway to your genius. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. They’re all just trying to figure it out too.

When you make a commitment to yourself to step into more and more of your radiance every single day and to live from that place, magic happens. You will see things in ways you didn’t before. You will have deeper and more satisfying relationships. You will have more clarity on how to spend your time on this planet. And life will astonish you in ways you could never imagine.

Tip 3: strengthen your circle

Check-in with the quality of people in your life. Like the foods we eat that nourish our body, the people we hang out with are nourishment for our hearts, minds, and spirits. So what is the quality of those relationships you’re choosing in your life? Are you empowered, uplifted, inspired, delighted by those that surround you?

Yes? Great! Carry on rockstar!

No? Then make a choice to welcome more of the good juju into your life and take the actions needed to find and connect with such people. It doesn’t mean you need to suddenly drop others from your life. In fact, that can cause a whole slew of other problems if not done with love, honesty, and an intention to do no harm. But you can, from this moment on, take full ownership and stewardship of how you spend your time and with whom. In this regard, you are very much the master of your destiny (and happiness).

In a nutshell, choose radiance and the world will shine with you.

Here’s to your highest, deepest, most expansive and delectable life!

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