I am only human


I am only human. I am a soul living a human life. While being alive can be awesome, it can also be daunting.

I have experienced pain, that brought me to my knees, that I thought would kill me. I have experienced joy, happiness and pleasure that was only possible to experience by being human.

I am 100% sure that there are no mistakes and no accidents or coincidences. Which helps me make it through another day.

I was sent to a school, where I was raised to believe in a punishing god, one I should fear, one that would hand down the ultimate punishment if I were to commit any sin. Believing if I were to give up on this lifetime, I would be damned to an eternal hell. Who would make the decision to live in a certain indefinite  torture, which we call hell easily?  I ask myself isn’t living as a human the real hell?

Living life in human form is painful and not for the weak, as we have sadly seen in the last few years, in the media. More and more people are giving up life, taking their lives into their own hands, and ending whatever their personal hell was, even with the fear of an eternal hell, they still felt that taking that gamble would be better than living one more day in their shoes as a human. Most we hear about were famous, rich, popular, etc. These are things we think, if only I was, or had, my life would be better, yet these people  who have had it “all”,  those things we covet, still call time out and quit this game we call life.

What is the lesson here… I believe it is to find peace in your heart, do your best, and most importantly walk away from anyone and anything that makes you feel anything negative. Unfortunately, that could mean, leaving people you love behind you, jobs that pay well, luxury, or what others would consider you lucky to have or be involved with. If it is not making you happy, and you spend more time trying to figure out why, trying to over compensate, or punish yourself, it’s NOT worth it!

Trust… is easier said than given, I struggle to know myself, I struggle to believe there is good at times. One soul/instinct, inner voice which is my higher self, I know I can always count on, is ME. The trick I believe is to learn to trust your inner voice, and do as it guides you, learning not to silence your higher self, which I believe is a art in itself, if not a life goal.

Why do we hesitate to trust ourselves!?!?

One thing to keep in mind, is that we came into this world alone and we are leaving the same way. We are the only ones who can truly know ourselves. We are the only ones who know what is best for us, so why don’t we listen to the voice that is trying to guide us??

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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