E.A.P. (Employee Assistance Program)

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EAP,  I had never heard about it before this job. Even after I did, I still didn’t understand how it worked, or even think that I could benefit from it.

I was repeatedly told by coworkers that I should look into it, so the next time I was perusing through our portal, I came across it and decided to take a look.

I saw that they offer counseling for a variety of needs. So I decided to call and request it for myself.

My call went to voice mail, I left a message and really didn’t expect much or count on getting a call back anytime soon. Much to my surprise, they called back quickly.

The person who returned my call, inquired about the reason for my call. As I spoke about the reason/s, I felt her empathy and understanding. I was pleasantly surprised and felt heard. She told me that they would find me a good fit, with a therapist near my location, but that it could take a few days or week. Again, I did not have any expectations, as my own journey here in Seattle to find a therapist has been futile.

Within what seemed like less than an hour, they were calling me with the info of a therapist, who had an opening the very next day. Once I spoke to the therapist to set the appointment, I decided I wanted to wait until the next week to see her, as I was still in a bit of shock they had found someone so quickly.

The day arrived and it was time to meet my new but temporary therapist. As they only cover and pay for 3 sessions.

Next post will be about our meeting…. stay tuned…

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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