Therapy… Not for the weak!


If you have ever been to therapy and really given it your all, by that I mean you show up,  you open up, you bare your soul, you show your scars, you show your hurt, you show your vulnerability. Then you understand, it is not something anyone would consider “fun”, easy or for the weak.

It is painful, it hurts and it cracks you open, it puts a mirror in front of you and a magnifying glass in your hands, you don’t only see the other person but you see yourself, your damage, your anger and your weaknesses.

Most of us spend our lives trying to close those gaps where people can get in and hurt us, when we crack open and feel the pain that lies in them, it is priceless, and horrifyingly painful.

When you face the hurt, you face your weakness, when you face your weakness, you see yourself as you are. You grow, by feeling all those feelings that you have avoided for so long, yet you carried with you everywhere you went, with everyone you encountered, in every step and moment of your life.

This is your time to absorb, feel and realize the feelings good and bad, process and either let go or hold on. My wish for you is to let go, and heal. Like everything else in life, it is easier said that done, sometimes to heal means to let go of the people and things you covet.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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