12/12 FULL MOON – Heart’s Desire – Solstice/Christmas Solar Eclipse (Vedic Astrology) By Kari Field

The last full moon of 2019 will fall on Dec. 12 (9:12 p.m. PT). This is a prime time to envision new realms of possibility in matters of love and money and to let your heart speak louder than your head. Followed by the winter solstice on Dec. 21, and a solar eclipse on Dec. 25, the Dec. 12 full moon heralds change and possibly a new, more fulfilling phase of your life’s journey.

In Vedic astrology, this full moon falls in the area of the sky known as Mrigashira (Mriga means deer, and shira means head). Symbolized by the energy of a wild stag, Mrigashira is called the searching star, as it continuously seeks out what nourishes the heart and gives it a sense of belonging. As a deer seeks out its flock, this full moon desires a meaningful connection with others.

In the Northern Hemisphere, winter is encroaching and daylight is dying away. The solstice is just around the corner, when the power of darkness reaches its annual climax. This bright full moon will shine through one of the longest nights of the year, illuminating the darkest corners of the psyche with piercing clarity and insight. Use this time to ask your heart what it truly wants, and don’t be surprised if the answer is different than what you’d thought.

Soma, the Hindu god of the moon, resides in Mrigashiraand holds the intoxicating nectar of immortality sought by angels and demons alike. It’s said that this nourishing juice bathes the earth with its rejuvenating and sustaining moonlight at night. Its power will be amplified on this full moon, inspiring our heart’s true desires to rise to the surface.

At the same time, there is also a restless and anxious edge to this full moon that could disturb sleep cycles, agitate people and animals, and send minds wandering to far-off places. If you find yourself walking around in a fog, or feeling testy, simply take a breath and hold space for that feeling, without trying to repress or change it.

Issues of trust and commitment could feel particularly poignant around this time. From Dec 10-12, heart-centered Venus joins critical Saturn in a planetary war that could lead to some possibly harsh reality checks. The good news is that it could also inspire you to set some much-needed boundaries. Have you been giving someone or something too much benefit of the doubt in the spheres of relationship and/or finances?

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