The search is finally over!


Since I moved to the Pacific North west, I have tried seeking behavioral health help through my medical insurance. The first person I went to, I knew immediately she was not a fit. So I went “back to the drawing board”, contacted my insurance company again, requesting help in finding another provider that they would cover.

They gave me the name of one near me, I called and made an appointment for their first available that was almost two months out, a week before my first meeting they called and cancelled, saying they hadn’t received prior authorization from insurance, which I had received it the day before. I wasn’t able to tell them that since they had left a message on my voice mail that they had cancelled my appointment. Instead of saying something along the lines of  “make sure you get authorization before your appointment”  or we haven’t received it yet.  To say I was frustrated doesn’t do justice.

I knew I needed guidance/help. I was not going to attempt the previous place, since it was obvious to me that the well being of people reaching out for help, was not important to them. There I was back to the drawing board, this time they gave me two options of people close by. I tried reaching both and both went to voicemail. One of them had the courtesy to call me a couple of days later, the other I am still waiting to hear from, this was months ago. The positive thing is that my life was not at stake, but what if it was??

I decided that the universe must have something or someone else in mind for me. So I let go for the time being.

When I received the news that I have ADHD, that my mother had stage three cancer, I thought this might be a good time to seek someone out again, I called for what felt the millionth time this time, I was more adamant pointing out what my experience had been, and how I could not understand that when a person is reaching out multiple times, they could not be more helpful in finding a therapist, I guess the universe decided I was serious and had the right person answer the phone that day, because she found me a therapist with an opening in the next week, knowing nothing happens by mistake or coincidence, I knew this had to be the right person. I can now say “YES” I think she is.

For now, I am happy to report I get to see her when I need to, which is less and less, it gives me tranquility to know I have someone I can reach out to, if and when I need to.

♓Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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