“New circle of friends” A Playful Way, And Your Life Will Automatically Improve By Dina Marais

New circle of friends

So what about creating a new circle of friends of Gratitude, Joy, Love, Infinity, Presence, Appreciation, Acceptance, Abundance, Fun, Possibility, Enthusiasm, Patience, Peace, Clarity, Best-Case-Scenario of BCS for short, etc. These are all elevated emotions and if you see them as people, like friends you then surround yourself with them. Make it your priority to make them feel welcome and that means to check in on them and see if they are okay. It means to spend time with them and that means to engage in thoughts, daydreaming, activities, places, and people that evoke these emotions.

When the old paradigm surfaces and you get that familiar feeling or thoughts aiming at dragging you down, you say, “Sorry, I’m with Infinity.” Or, “Sorry, I can’t see you anymore. I’m siding with my new friends.”

Be proactive and continuously check in with your new circle of friends and consciously step into these elevated emotions and notice impulses to take inspired action. In other words, build a relationship with your New Paradigm, your New Self until it becomes your New Normal, your Natural State-of-Being of how you experience your world.

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