Letter to my Parents


To my Parents,

Thank you for pushing me to be a strong person, to know right from wrong, and to love the God. You did this by showing me who I did not want to be, or become and by choosing and sending me to the right school.

You taught me, through pain and punishment what it is to truly love, not by showing me love but by not showing me compassion, empathy or kindness.

Because of you I became the woman I am today,  I learned to be the opposite of  you, I learned to love, be grateful, and thoughtful, not really sure how I was able to learn this through all the painful lessons.

I know I chose you two people to show me the way to grow and develop the strength, and courage to work on my soul. I am grateful for you and the others who have helped shape me into who I am today. It was not easy, not fun but mostly worth it.

I will always look up to you as examples of what and who not to be.


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