“Self-awareness” A Playful Way, And Your Life Will Automatically Improve By Dina Marais


The result of a higher vibration is expanding your awareness – when you are open and expanding, you are seeing things you were blind to before. You then notice abundance and beauty and give thanks for that and your energy field attracts more experiences to make you feel that way. But then, just as you are feeling fabulous, just as you are enjoying this awesome feeling, a thought out of nowhere pops into your mind, reminding you of a bill that you haven’t paid yet, or your bank account.

The trick is to NOT be sucked into a low vibration here, and not to let your senses determine your thinking. Here, self-awareness is so valuable, because when this happens you know that it is your old paradigm that is trying to pull you back into your comfort zone. Notice I say trying because you have a choice here to give your power away to your old paradigm of fear and lack, or to claim your power back and use your free will to choose thoughts of love and abundance that empower and feed your new paradigm and Truth!

Easier said than done, you may say. And yes, I agree with you, because your old paradigm is fighting for its life and your intention is for it to die and your new paradigm to take over. So how can you stay motivated if it is so difficult?

In my experience, it is to make it into a game. Playfulness is key because then your energetic vibration tends to stay at a higher frequency. We all know the practice to surround yourself with people that you aspire to. It is a fact that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Often, it is not possible to surround yourself with the people that you aspire to be. You may be an entrepreneur working from home and you are either alone or surrounded by family who does not represent that group of people you are striving to become.

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