Panini maker

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In her book “The Wisdom of Sundays” Oprah talks about her Panini maker,  and how this simple electronic grill which makes gourmet sandwiches, gives her great pleasure.

I had wanted one for a while, but didn’t want to buy a cheap one, since I didn’t think it would work well, but also didn’t want to fork over the $70 it costs to buy the “Breville” one I had my eye on.

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE sandwiches, so buying an expensive panini maker, would probably not be a waste of money. I still couldn’t bring myself to buy one but never stopped wanting for one.

One day, I decided to visit my local “Goodwill” since it is only two blocks away from where I live in Seattle. I got a text that everything was half off, so I thought why not?

I also love things for the kitchen and cooking. As I was looking at what they had I spotted a couple of paninin makers, I had always avoided the electronic area, because I thought they were defective or not working, but this day a Breville panini maker caught my eye. I could hardly believe it, to be honest I could not believe it.


I took it up to the register still hesitating to purchase it, when I asked the employee if they had a return policy on this kind of item. Turns out you can return it within a week if it does not work. So I bit the bullet and paid $5!!! and took it home.

Best purchase ever! I have used this panini maker every weekend since I brought it home. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Funny how something so simple can make you so happy, I guess I also have this in common with lady O!

Thankful. Grateful & Blessed! 


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