Why Self-Trust Is CRUCIAL & 6 Ways To Build It by Maria Fendrick

Picture this: You’re sitting in a meeting at work and one of your coworkers is presenting updates on a project that he’s in charge of to a full boardroom. As he speaks, you feel a twinge of jealousy run through you. For a few moments, you’re not sure what caused it. You don’t want his job. You don’t want to be up in front of the room. It isn’t even the praise he receives from your boss, no. It’s how he trusts himself, how he makes decisions and isn’t second-guessing himself all the time. That’s what you wish you had.

Self-trust plays a huge role in our ability to live out our purpose and make an impact in the world. Without it, we’re left spinning in circles, second-guessing and never actually doing anything. This article is intended to help you identify habits that point to low self-trust and to share seven simple ways to strengthen trust in yourself.

Signs you’re lacking self-trust

  1. You second guess yourself a lot.
  2. You need to run even small decisions by someone else before making a choice.
  3. Just knowing you’re going to have to make a decision stresses you out.
  4. You aren’t clear on what you want in life or you question why you’re here or what you’re here to contribute regularly and its uncomfortable.
  5. You wish your phone would ring and that the person on the other end would just tell you what to do already!

Here are some trust-building practices that you can slowly adopt

1) Meditation

Taking a few minutes to ground, center, and connect with your essence is a powerful way to start trusting yourself more and more.

2) Practice making small decisions on your own

No more asking for input on outfit choices, menu items or nail polish colors. You got this. You’re capable of making great choices and small decisions are where it starts.

3) Check-in with your gut

How does your tummy feel when you think about choosing option A? Option B?

4)  Journal

Here are some great questions to ask yourself when faced with making a decision:

  • “What is it about decision making that feels so hard?”
  • “What am I afraid to lose or miss out on if I make this decision?”
  • “What’s the worst thing that can happen if I make a decision I dislike in the future in this situation?”
  • “A year from now will it even matter what choice I made?”

5) Remember almost NOTHING is set in stone

It’s okay to change your mind sometimes.

6) Strengthen your body’s Agni

Agni is the Sanskrit term that refers to the body’s fire of intelligence. Sufficient Agni is required for performing digestion, metabolic processes and one’s capacity for discernment. When Agni is weak, digestion, metabolism and the mind’s ability to make decisions is hampered.

To strengthen your Agni, avoid eating between meals and after 7pm. Move your body to the point of sweating each day and avoid eating foods that are cold and heavy (think ice cream) regularly. I know you have all the guidance you need within you and I hope this article helps you gain greater access to that guidance. Which of the signs that self-trust is lacking do you identify with most? Which of the trust-building practices are you going to try?

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