Closing out San Diego, CA.

I  planned my visit to San Diego for one last time to “deal” with my things, I had left behind in storage, when I moved to Seattle.

New year,  new beginning! It was not an easy decision to come to, much less made in haste. It took me over a year and a half to decide.

2020 is my year to move forward and NOT look back. My decision to get all my things either sold, donated or transported to Seattle, was my way to show the Universe, that I do not plan on going back or backwards.

I am looking ahead, to the future, while living in the present here in Seattle.

As I went through my things, I realized how unattached I had become to them, and my past. I ended up filling up a large outdoor trash can, similar to the one in the pic below.

download (2)Hundreds of pictures and things where left behind in this container. It was time to let go of the past. I did keep a handful of pictures, and gave my Father a stack of pictures, I thought he would like to have.

I ended up walking away from my storage unit, where I left furniture, electronics, brand new Christmas decorations, kitchen things, glasses, some clothing, etc. I gave my Aunt the key and let her have it all. I encouraged her, to either keep it, sell it, simply do with it as she like. I do hope she get some $$$ for it, or enjoys it. Either way it is a win, win.

After my return to Seattle, I was in a bit of shock with a tinge of anxiety, that I had cut so much out of my life permanently. It caused me to feel exhausted and unable to sleep with dreams that portrayed scenes, that went with the feelings I was having.

After a few days of mourning, and reflection, I was over it. I know that there will be times, that I wished I had kept certain things, and that is o.k. I will keep in mind that one persons trash is another’s treasure, and wish that someone has found use and/or pleasure in some way because of it.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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