Tell yourself


What have you been trying to avoid, trying to accomplish, How do you see yourself, think of yourself….

Letter to myself!….

Rebeca, I can hardly believe you have made it to 50! It has not been easy, and I know the incredible amount of pain you have not only endured, but survived, learned and thrived through.  I know at times, you felt like giving up. Somehow you got through those times and moved forward even when it felt like you carried the world on your shoulders, the weight at times was so overwhelming you didn’t know how you could or would be able to go on.

You have faced challenges, lessons, and turmoil, mostly by alone, you have shown yourself that the only person you need, is you. You are resilient, independent, and strong in so many ways, you should be proud of yourself, and never let someone who has not walked in your shoes, judge or criticize you.

This thing called life is far from over, challenges will continue to come.

I am confident the future and the present are full of love, and blessings for you. You have paid the price and learned through it all, to be mindful, patient and kind not only to others but to yourself, which at times was the hardest thing to accomplish.

You are able and willing to see things from other perspectives like never before, taking into consideration others feelings and thoughts, keeping in mind NOT to make assumptions, or take anything personally while, keeping your word, and doing your best.

While you have mostly been alone on earth, You know the divine watches over you and protects you. You have many Angels, guardians, and God, sometimes they have had to work over time to keep you safe, they never fail you.

I love who you are and who you are becoming, I admire you, for all that you are.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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