Pisces ~ February Horoscope

Get in all the downtime you can while it’s still Aquarius season, because once the sun enters Pisces on the 19th, you’re in the spotlight. You get a preview of what’s to come on the 3rd when Mercury enters your sign, and you can’t help but spin your ideas into poems. Who cares? Send that email as a haiku. On the 9th, the full moon in Leo forces you to deal with something you’ve avoided. Don’t get stuck at the DMV or renewing your passport while everyone else is partying. Try to plan ahead.

An identity crisis coincides with Mercury stationing retrograde on the 16th. Who are you really? Don’t get a drastic haircut or change your style on a whim. On the 20th, a compliment from a friend calms you down. The people who have your back really love you.

Your season kicks off on the 19th (happy birthday to you!) and is followed by a new moon in your sign on the 23rd. Self-care isn’t just about face masks and unlimited matcha lattes. It’s about taking care of the hard things too. Commit to something scary that guarantees growth.

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