Interview II with Amazon

I had my second interview with Amazon. I feel as though it went well, but you never know with these kind of things, do you.

First, I have to pat myself on my own shoulder, for even applying for the job. As it took, courage for me, to believe they would consider me in the first place.

Then I receive an email, saying they had received my resume, and thought I was a good candidate for the position, asking me if I was still interested in it. I quickly responded that I was, before I knew it, I had my first over the phone interview.

That morning of the interview, I allowed the insecure little girl to have doubts, to the extent that I was considering cancelling the interview, thinking to myself that I didn’t want to waste the interviewers time or mine. Instead, I took the interview, it was much at my surprise, when she let me know I was moving on to the next step. The next phone interview.

This time I was sent a lengthy email, with details, helpful links, information, and much more. No lie, it was a bit daunting. I had two choices, throw in the towel before I even got started, or pull on my big girl panties, and give it and myself a shot.

I did exactly that! Here I was taking notes on suggestions, tips and information. It felt good to invest time and effort into something, as I usually take the easy way out, not because I don’t want to succeed but because I don’t believe I can.

The second interview was quickly approaching, and my insecurities were raising their ugly heads, it took a lot for me, to suck it up and move forward.

During the interview, I felt confident with my answers, by the end of the call, I felt really good, not only about my answers, but that I did it. It scared me, I not only did it, but felt good about it afterwards.

They decided to move forward with other candidates, I guess this was not meant to be. On the positive side, I did get to work on my self esteem, and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I am not letting this bring me down, I will continue looking for openings and opportunities.

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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