COVID-19, is starting to get real for me. As I live here in Seattle, WA. It is crazy, how many things I have encountered living here, that have made me feel less safe here, than when I lived in a developing country.

Here is Seattle, I find myself way to close to incidents involving, police, ambulances, S.W.A.T, live shooters, my street being closed off, because of danger.

When I moved here, I said I felt drawn to be here, I didn’t and still don’t know why, I said, I didn’t know if I was coming here to live or to die!

Now I really don’t know, and feel more convinced it could be either one.

Which ever the reason for me to be here now, I still wholeheartedly believe I am exactly where I am supposed to be, at this time.

Thankful. Grateful & Blessed! 

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