Another aha moment!


I love to dance, I started ballet, and tap at 3 years old, and went on to add jazz and theater dance. I practiced all the time, took classes five times a week, I could not get enough. I feel my soul is able to express joy, pain, love and more by moving my body to music that touches me.

Thinking back on my youth. I never understood why it took me so long to remember the steps to a dance, or keep up with my peers, so I practiced longer, I was determined to get it and be as good as possible, always striving to be the best in class. “No one was going to puts baby in the corner”, I would not be left behind, especially since I knew I could do it, and do it well.

This was another aha moment, since my diagnosis of ADHD, another  example of the struggles I faced, it might not seem like much to those of you reading this, but like anyone else, no one wants to feel less than. I probably would have given up, if it not for the passion in my soul, to express myself through this art form.

I am thankful my Mother made the efforts to drive me to and from classes for so many years, and many of them she had to drive to Tijuana from San Diego, wait for my class to end and drive me back. This is also one reason, I ended up getting my first car at 14! My mother was done driving me around. Part of me, can’t blame her, but the other part recognizes the huge burden placed on me, at such an early age. My “childhood” or what was left of it, was gone.

♓Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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