Reminder: Your Infinite Power. Think Thoughts Of Health

Think Thoughts Of Health

I want to remind you of your infinite power, and remind you to use it for your health! Here’s how: Think thoughts of health.  Speak words about health. Be grateful for health. Say, “Thank you for my health,” in your mind multiple times in the day.  Whenever you hear anyone speak of something that is not health, secretly in your mind repeat, “Thank you for my health. Thank you for everyone’s health.” 

Remember not to empower something you don’t want by giving it your attention, because it inflames it and makes it bigger.  

So, with gratitude, let’s say: “Thank you for my health, thank you for the health of my friends and family, thank you for the health of everyone in my city, and thank you for the health of everyone in the world!”  Now we’re really using our infinite power for what it was meant for – the good of everyone!

May Perfect Health Be With You,
Rhonda Byrne
The Secret

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