Today is my 50th birthday! I can hardly believe I have made it half a century and feel only a quarter century old, that is until I look in the mirror, but since my vision has changed so much, my sight is not as perfect as it used to be, which I sometimes think is a blessing. Just kidding.


March 13, 1970 

On Friday the 13th of March 1970, via C-section in Mexico City, is when and where I entered this world.

From what I have been told by my Mother, there had been a total solar eclipse 6 days before my birth, and only a couple of days from when her water broke.

After more than 24 hours, I had not come down the birth canal, and didn’t show any signs that I was planning on it. The doctors advised my parents, that an emergency c-section would have to be done, because I was suffocating and needed to be delivered.

I cannot imagine the fear my Mother, the doctors and staff around me, must have felt, from what I know now, I am sure I felt it as well. I needed to be “saved”. I think this has to be related to the anxiety disorder I have had all my life.

I can say it has not been easy from the start, but I can also say, that I know without a doubt that God, the universe, my guardians, my angels, all have had a huge hand in getting me this far. I know I am protected, loved and incredibly blessed! I also recognize that I am a resilient survivor.

Happy Birthday to Me! 

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 

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