8 Ways Angels Communicate With Humans By Emily Heron

1. Repeating numbers

If you see repeating number sequences, it means that the angels are with you. You can look up what different angel numbers mean. You might see 444 or 666. They all have different meanings. 444 means you are on the right path whereas 666 means you are too focused on the physical world and that you need to find a balance with spirituality and physicality. If you look online you can see all sorts of meanings behind different angel number sequences.

2. Experiencing synchronicities

When you are tapped into the flow of life, which is the spiritual realm within which angels reside, you start to see the magic, beauty, and synchronistic connections in terms of how life flows. It is almost as if you are living in a different dimension. You will begin to experience interesting coincidences, which are known as synchronicities, like meeting people who will help you along your journey and being guided to people, places, and things that can help you move forward.

3. Intuitive guidance

This goes hand in hand with number 2. You will be guided intuitively to certain places or people without really knowing or understanding why, you will just feel compelled to go there. You might meet teachers in these places or just be guided to fun experiences because the angels want you to experience joy.

4. Leaving you a feather

Angels love to leave you natural elements, particularly feathers. It is how they communicate with humans, due to the high energetic vibration of these items. A particularly compelling symbol that an angel is with you is when you see a white feather.

5. Leaving you coins

Angels also like to leave coins, particularly pennies. Copper, which is partially what pennies are made of, carries a high vibrational resonance and it is also a powerful healing metal.

6. Spirit animals

Angels will often communicate with you by sending you animals. Perhaps there is a certain animal that you and your angel shared and you will know to think of them when you see it, but angels can communicate by sending you significant animals in general. You can look up the meanings of spirit animals and their various associations online.

7. Dreams and random memories

Angels love to communicate with you in the dream state. It is the state during which the veil between the spiritual and the physical is very thin. Your angels might send you a message during a dream, or they might even stop in for a visit. They also might send a random memory into your brain to help you remember them if the angel in question is a dead loved one that you were close to.

8. Through other people

Angels truly can communicate through people, particularly through children, but also through psychic mediums. Psychic mediums are people who have developed their intuition and have cleared their own energy channels so that they can receive messages from the angelic realms. Human beings are capable of having very mystical experiences when we become open to it. It can be scary to receive communication from them but know that they aren’t trying to scare you. They want to comfort you. If it becomes too scary you can tell them, and they will eventually cease communication.

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