When You Feel A Negative Feeling

Let Go Of Resistance
Without a doubt, one of the best practices I have followed since discovering The Secret is letting go of resistance whenever I feel it in my body.  You can tell when you have resistance because we feel it as negative feelings. Through doing this practice I’ve found that any negative feelings decrease dramatically, losing all their strength. And every single time you let go of the resistance when you feel a negative feeling, you increase your happiness!
So, in this moment can you let go of the tension you’re holding around current world events?  Can you just let it go?  Can you let go of wanting to change things, wanting to fix things, wanting to control things, wanting things to be different, and just allow what is happening – just as it is?  This is how you let go of resistance, and it’s our resistance to something that holds that very situation to us. The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung told us: “What we resist, persists.” And so to let go of your resistance just let go of wanting to change anything, relax, let go of wanting to change things some more, relax even more, and now you have let go of any resistance, and you have allowed everything to change.
Continue to do this practice whenever you feel any negative feelings.  Life is worth it!
May Perfect Health Be With You,
Rhonda Byrne
The Secret 

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