4 Life Lessons From Hanuman By Matt Caron

Hanuman, the Role Model

Hanuman is quite possibly the most recognized face in Hinduism…but little is actually known about him in our mainstream western culture, much less some of his lessons or qualities.

Of course, we don’t actually know if he existed (I mean, he’s half monkey half human), but we do know some of his stories, and many of them are great metaphors and lessons for living a happy life.

After all, if we can’t actually take some real meaning from characters like these, what’s the point in even knowing of them?

So without further delay, here are 4 awesome lessons from Hanuman that you can bring into your life:


Of course, Hanuman was not exactly a normal “person” (in fact he was a monkey with super strength), but his fearless nature is evident in everything he does in the Ramayana.

So how do we embody that aspect? Not everything will be certain in life. In fact, most of the time it’s scary.

Taking risks is not easy, and often times we project our past negative experiences which can cause us to lose sight of living to the fullest.

The trick is to stay centered, regardless of circumstances. 

Easier said than done, of course; but it can be accomplished. Meditation, yoga, and spiritual living is the heart of creating a fearless and courageous life.


Hanuman’s only desire was to serve Rama, his lord. His loyalty was unflinching.

But every relationship, friendship or otherwise, requires loyalty to survive. Without that, it falls apart.

  • Be honest when you share your opinion, even if it’s hard. This will earn you their respect.
  • Be supportive, for no other reason than to see your friend happy.
  • Don’t test their loyalty- don’t set up situations in order to see how they’ll react. Just stay in your center, and let things progress naturally. If something comes up, address it then.


Many times, the situation was so dire in the war against the evil Ravana, the entire mission was jeopardized.

Hanuman had to think on his feet many times in order to save everyone.

One such example was when he had to travel far away to find a special plant to heal Rama’s brother, Lakshman, from poison. Finding the mountain it resided on, he became confused with the exact plant to grab; so instead, he grew into a giant and grabbed the entire mountain and brought it back.

Granted, no one expects you to literally turn into a giant and lift a mountain, but it is a great metaphor.

Sometimes, life requires you to grow up fast and take on more than you can handle- and then handle it. That’s not say that it’s easy…but that you should be willing to step into that space.

Taking that burden upon your shoulders could lead to the most important personal growth of your life.

Strength Through Purity of Heart

Have you ever heard the phrase “She/he really comes from the heart”?

People that come from the heart are often respected, loved, appreciated, and memorable.

Hanuman was definitely an embodiment of this quality. His humility and compassion showed through in everything he was doing, because he was acting in service to others- especially his guru, Rama.

When we do things in earnest, or with good intentions without the need for recognition, people pick up on it.

Allowing yourself to be transparent and loving with others is a sign of strength, not weakness. Giving without expectations allows us to come from a place of strength.

  • Be selfless, think of others first.
  • Be chipper and positive towards others.
  • Clear your mind and stay centered.
  • Listen and stop reacting. Be humble.

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