What would you do?


I started dating a 57 years old man from Birmingham, England. We met on a dating app, he was previously married for 25 years, now has been divorced for 8 years, I too have been “single” for eight years.

I did not find him attractive on the app, the honest truth is that the only thing that caught my attention and some interest was he mentioned he had lived in Sweden.

At first we texted back and forth, I started to get bored, and wanted to see if he was interested in talking on the phone. As I was writing the text, I said “Would you like to chat” as I typed this out, I thought he could possibly answer something like aren’t we already chatting? I went ahead and sent it as is, since I had sent the same message many times before, without that response. This guy would prove we were on the same wave link, and just like I had thought, he responded in that way.

When I received the message, I thought you “*%$@”!! We ended up “chatting” on the phone that evening, which went well, so we made plans to meet that Sunday.

I was less than excited, not expecting much out of it. I seriously thought of cancelling last minute, but reminded myself of one of the “Four Agreements” keeping your word, so I did. When I did arrive, he was there already waiting for me. Just as I expected, I did not feel any attraction to him, but I did enjoy our time.

That day we started at one restaurant and ended up in another, then as we walked out of the restaurant, I saw the bus was at the stop, so I hugged him quickly and said goodbye, before I bolted towards the bus.

I was a bit unsure if I would hear from him again, but did feel I would like a second date. I heard from him a day or two later, we planned to meet again, one week after our first date. This time, I put a bit more effort into my outfit, and looked forward to meeting up with him.

Again, when I saw him, I was still not attracted to him, but enjoyed our conversation and outing, at some point in the evening after a few adult beverages, without thinking about it, I reached over and kissed him. I caught him off guard!

After that we ended up at his place…. I will leave the rest up to your imagination…

To be continue……

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed! 


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