May 2020

The Spice

Welcome to May 2020

May 7 | Full Moon in Scorpio

The passionate Scorpio Full Moon cuddles in my 2nd House. Want to learn about incredible Houses and Transits? New Astrologer® Certification Program is coming! Watch for announcements!

May 11 – 14 | Retrogrades

What a welcome change of pace this month should provide, as * Venus * Jupiter * Saturn * turn retrograde between May 11 and May 14. It’s time to revive something that is important to you.

You will feel this.

May 13 to June 25 | Venus is the planet denoting connection, relationships, bonds, and self esteem. Venus Retrograde – 5/13 to 6/25 – helps us revive certain feelings.


But not just any feeling. Venus Rx is your chance to renew some part of yourself that was abandoned, forgotten, or betrayed.

Betrayed by you. Abandoned by another. Or forgotten, period. Venus Retrograde is personal to you. It offers

.: Renewal :.

Throughout time, Lakshmi // also known as Venus // would manifest as

  • wealth or self esteem
  • beauty
  • love

Wondering where to start, with all of this?


Start where you are. In your body.

The information your body provides is sincere. Its pain is never theatrical. Its messages

  • Contain valuable information that you need
  • Are undeniable …imagine how you feel when you need to pee. See? Undeniable messages from your body


What if you honor whatever your body has survived and witnessed? And respect what your body had to manage, or pretend its way through.

Do this to heal, to be .: Real :. What we feel, we can heal.


  • Be Disruptive of ideas that you do not deserve respect and tenderness
  • Break with tradition that refuses to allow space for your honesty
  • Give expression to whatever you were taught to hide (this is big)

Does this speak to you? I hope so. Because you have an incredible opportunity to renew yourself, starting in May. Please don’t let this slip away.


Love and Blessings ~ from all of us, to you and yours,


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