May 06, 2020 – Remember, Pisces – you are free as a bird!

It may not always seem like it at times; in fact, it probably seems least like it during this time than it does during others. But freedom, true freedom, comes from within; not from out there.

This is the lesson of the Moon in Scorpio and in your ninth house of wisdom and spirituality today. Restrictions may be bugging you lately and with the Moon opposite Uranus and squaring Pluto, this could lead to intense and possibly negative emotions. While negative emotions are not pleasant to experience, digging beneath the surface we realize that they are necessary because they are teaching us something about ourselves. Feelings are messages from our soul – negative ones are a sign that something needs addressing. Not out there – but inside of us.

So what emotions are you feeling today, Pisces? This is a powerful time of healing and transformation. The Full Moon appears tomorrow and this presents a time of great compassion and healing, not just for us as individuals, but as a collective. Your soul already knows that in order for the collective to heal, the individual must undergo the process of healing themselves.

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